How You Can Tune Your Tattoo Machine

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How You Can Tune Your Tattoo Machine

A tattoo machine is certainly the most crucial device so far as a tattoo artist is worried. Like every other mechanical equipment, the tattoo machine must also be updated every so often to be able to ensure that it stays functioning correctly and dependably. Additionally, utilizing a fine-updated tattoo machine guarantees that the correct quantity of pressure is used onto the skin of the individual who’s getting inked. An not-updated machine won’t function based on the desires from the tattoo artist and might hurt the individual being inked on. The regularity of tuning needed for any kind of tattoo machine will be based to some large degree on using the device and also the artist who’s utilizing it.

How You Can Tune Your Tattoo Machines

The primary components which are needed to become modified while tuning a tattoo machine range from the armature bar, contact screw, front spring and thumbscrew that firms the contact screw. Some machines, however, include a securing nut instead of the thumbscrew.


Step #1: Discover the space between your front spring and phone screw’s tip. If it’s greater than the thickness of two nickels, one within the other, the device might not function correctly whatsoever when putting it on for doing a bit of tattooing work. The suggested gap between your front spring and phone screw’s tip may be the thickness of the cent for lining and also the thickness of the nickel for shading.

Step #2: Release the thumbscrew to be able to release the contact screw.

Step #3: Adjust the contact screw until you obtain the suggested gap for lining or shading. After modifying the space, tighten the thumbscrew to lock the contact screw. Now, release the armature bar.

Step #4: Operate the tattoo machine at 10 Volts. This might be just a little high for just about any specific usage, but it’s useful for troubleshooting.

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The fundamental approach to tuning the tattoo machine is described in the following paragraphs. You have to look into the manual you have received together with the device to understand the right gap setting per the maker. You may even make use of a feeler gauge to create the right gap.

While you gain in experience, you’ll are more adept in fine tuning your tattoo machine for shading, lining and color packing your tattoo designs, considering other aspects like the thickness of springs, the wrap from the coils, the capacitor rating, etc.


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